When you say disrespectful things about people’s cherished beliefs, people tend to get edgy. But if you say the very same things in a musical medium, people tend to get anything but edgy. Case in point, meet Tim Minchin. He’s a pianist, he’s a singer, he’s an atheist, he’s a realist (that is, he manages to distinguish what’s real from what’s not. Not something you can say for many singers), he’s as bright as a button and no holds are barred in his songs, which is simply awesome. I’ve ran into his videos recently and I find it very refreshing to see that there is a rational, sensible and science savvy singer out there, one that isn’t apologetic about these but bloody proud of them. Here are my favorite songs of his, check youtube for more:

Not Perfect


If I Didn’t Have You


            Peace Anthem For Palestine


10 Foot Cock & A Few Hundred Virgins


If You Open Your Mind Too Much,

Your Mind Will Fall Out (Take My Wife)


Rock ‘n Roll Nerd


Inflatable You


F Sharp


Some People Have It Worse Than Me


Donnie Darko Song






Mitsubishi Colt


Angry (Feet) (this one’s a poem)