have you met Pat Condell? well you should. he’s an atheist. and not only that, he’s an anti-theist. that is, he is not just passively denouncing any and all religions, he is actively opposed to certain kinds of it. especially to the kinds he sees as antidotes to freedom of speech and individual rights. here is a typical one of his tirades, as a special christmas treat:


now i, too, am an atheist, but i don’t see myself as an anti-theist, not because i disagree with their way of thinking, religion really is the untouchable demon at the heart of our civilization and we should question and criticize its tenets just like we question and criticize everything else, but rather because i have deep reservations about the power of individuals and well, just plain lazy to be an activist of any cause (these two can well be reinforcing each other). yeah i guess it pretty much boils down to these two. so if religion is the topic of discussion in a water cooler conversation, i won’t go all christopher hitchens on you all of a sudden, but, if pressed harder, will tell you my genuinely held belief that, in all likelihood, your cherished personal god lacks the ontological capability to exist (so that i would have head start to flee till you could get your head around to what the hell i’m talking about). so, all in all, i would like to think that i’m a fairly tolerant guy in matters of faith, i suspect many of my friends don’t even know that i lack religious persuasion.

but whenever i feel i (we) should nonetheless, for better or worse, go easy on religions because they mean so much to so many, i inject my cerebral cortex a minimal dose of pat condell and aaahh, via him, reality and true nature of religion rears its ugly head again, dismissing any remaining cognitive dissonance on my part, reinforcing my conviction that we should never stop rigorously and unapologetically calling a spade a spade and let the believers know that it’s simply unacceptable for the rest of us to tolerate their particular denomination’s toxic side effects (that is, if there are any). that way hopefully, if enough voices are raised, one day this whole dispute, which is simply a difference of opinions between believers and non-believers, won’t seem so ghastly and arrogant and strident to so many people. i guess that’s the ‘definition’ of dogma: you can’t break it, you can only hope to bend it. not just the dogma of belief, but also the dogma of speaking about it, however mildly. it’s a shame that our complacent multicultural political correctness has brought us to a point where you cannot even begin to criticize people’s religion without getting called names or accused of disrespect, or better yet getting killed. that has got to change, regardless of whether religions are here to stay or not (especially if they are here to stay). and condell and his ilk are our best hope for that to happen.. peace.. (as he ends all his videos. and check his website out too.)